Movie Voucher

2D Voucher

Redeemable for 2D movie tickets
6 months
All CGV Cinemas

1 voucher can redeem 1 ticket, no surcharge or refund applied for differential value.

Applied for standard and VIP seats.

Applied for all weekdays.

Buy 10 or more to get 10% discount.

Terms & Conditions

  • How to use: Receive voucher number and PIN code via email and SMS > Log in to CGV membership account > Register voucher at Membership page > Choose to pay with Voucher when booking online or at box office.
  • Voucher purchased here can be registered online only.
  • Cannot be combined with points saving program due to discount value.
  • Surcharge applied to redeem 3D ticket: +30,000 VND
  • Surcharge applied to redeem IMAX, 4DX ticket: +80,000 VND
  • Customer/Gift recipient will receive voucher number & PIN code via SMS & email.
  • Please keep voucher number & PIN code secure and do not share with anyone. After voucher number & PIN code are successfully sent, CGV will not be responsible if this information is misused by any person.
  • Refund or exchanged is not available. 
  • Please see FAQ for more information.

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