We - CJ CGV Vietnam Co., Ltd are looking for the firms with strong abilities (to be participated our Prequalification process) to build cinemas around all provinces and cities of Vietnam as follows:

1. Category of Trades

Fit Out Contractor / MEPF Contractor / Steel Structure Contractor (Auditorium Step Structure) Interior Design Firm / MEPF Design Firm / Construction Management

General requirements are based on:
Have experiences in carrying out the fit-out construction projects of Hotels and Resorts, Retails, Commercial Business, F&B, and so on
Run business continuously in the last 3 years for construction project.
Have professional competence of equipment and manpower to work with the tight schedules of projects.
Have ability to work with contracts and other relevant documents of projects both in Vietnamese and English.

2. Time Line

All documents required MUST be submitted by/before 17:30 on 10 July 2019 Any documents which is submitted after 17:30 on 10 July 2019 WILL NOT be accepted.

3. Procedure

1) Submission of Required Document ⇒ Evaluation ⇒ Notice to each company qualified successfully (no later than 3 months after submission of required documents) for registration to tenders.
- Address for submission :
“CJ CGV Vietnam Co. Ltd, Level 2, Rivera Park 7/28 Thanh Thai Street, Ward 14, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Attention to: Project Department.”

2) Please fill up application form provided and properly sign & chop by authorized person then deliver to above address together with below “4. Required documents that must be submitted”
(We accept only the Posting services which are system recorded such as:
- Viettel
- NetCo
- Vietnamese Post (Bưu Điện Việt Nam)
- Fed Ex

4. Required Documents that must be submitted

1) Application Form (properly signed and chopped) in the format CGV provided
2) Financial Report of the company for last 3 years (2016, 2017 and 2018) which must be audited
3) Credit report issued by Bank or credit facilities.
4) Project List
- Please write in the form of table "3) Project List" that CGV provided
- Please submit supporting documents (i.e. copy of contract or guarantee bond showing contract amount and project name).
: If there are no supporting documents provided to prove it is considered as not "True" and excluded from project list
- Please provide the project list of last 3 years 2016 ~2018.
5) Equipment/ vehicle list with certifications.
6) Staff‘s professional licences.
7) Organization chart of company-Showing clearly how many staff of each department/ team (if there is any team to manage safety only please specify in org. chart).
Main staff CVs.
8) Copy of ISO certificate: if have any
9) Company Safety Manual or Guideline: if have any
10) Copy of all licenses: Business, tax, MOC, designing, structures, Fire Fighting…
11) Company Registration Documents (register to Government) and Report of Company General Information.
12) POA for company chop and signature: Legal Authorized Person Registration Copy and his Assignment to the Person-in charge.
13) Catalog of company (Introduction of company): Focusing on project list and photos of projects.

5. Please carefully note following important notice

)1) Any contractor/ Firm which are founded or run by CGV staffs (or their family members) CANNOT be applied.
2) Submitted documents will not be returned and additional documents can be requested for evaluation. And If additional documents requested are not submitted properly it is considered as NOT Qualified and excluded from evaluation and registration.
3) Submitted documents will not be used other than evaluation and all the documents of disqualified company submitted will be shredded.
4) If any information or documents provided turn out it is fake or not true after successfully qualified after evaluation the registration will be cancelled accordingly.
5) Regarding this PQ process and registration, it is not allowed to visit our office or have meeting with our staffs so if there is any inquiries please contact to project team of CGV by phone or e mail address as below.
- Tel. 028-3636-5757 Ext. 186 or 635/ E mail: (Available hour for phone call: 8:30 ~ 12:00, and 13:00 ~ 17:30)