1. The purpose and scope of collecting information

1.1 Collection of personal information is executed based on customer's self-declaration to register CGV’s member at website, the collected information shall include but not limited to:

  • - Personal information such as: name, sex, age, ID number;
  • - Contact information such as: address, telephone number, mobile number, email/fax;
  • - Other information to support the promotion programs.

1.2 The purpose of collecting information

  • (i) To provide services, goods as customer's demand;
  • (ii) To confirm when customer registers services on website
  • (iii) To manage website, update information about website, promotion programs, etc. to customer.
  • (iv) To ensure the interest of customer when CGV detects any fraudulent, account-destructive or customer-deceiving activities.
  • (v) To contact, support and solve issues of customer.

1.3 To avoid any doubt, during payment process on application, CGV only stores the information of the purchase order that has been paid by customer, bank account information shall not be stored.

2. The scope of using information

2.1 CGV shall use personal information of the client for the purpose as mentioned at Item 1 only or for other purpose (if any) with condition that CGV shall announce and obtain the client’s consent.

2.2 CGV shall use personal information of customer for the purposes mentioned at Item 1 only or for other purposes (if any) with condition that CGV shall announce and obtain customer’s consent.

2.3 Customer hereby understands and agrees that CGV is obligated to provide customer’s information upon request/ decision of a competent authorities and/or applicable Law. CGV shall not be responsible for confidentiality obligation in this case.

3. Time

Customer data shall be stored from the date of registered until the customer requires CGV to delete information. For closed accounts, CGV still keeps customer personal information for fraud prevention, investigation, troubleshooting etc. This information will be stored in CGV’s servers up to twelve (12) months, after that CGV will permanently delete customer personal information.

4. Company’s information


Tax code: 0303675393


10th-11th Floor, 2bis-4-6 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City

Tel: 028 3822 0333


5. Guideline for adjusting information

In order to adjust personal information, customers may log-in and adjust information by themselves, except for Full name, Gender, Birthday and ID Number.

6. CGV commits:

6.1 All personal information of client collected from the website shall be stored carefully; only the client may log-in its account by account’s name and password.

6.2 CGV commits to maintain its confidentiality obligation, not share, disclose or transfer any personal information of customer or transactions implemented on application for any third party without customer consent, except when required by Government Authorities, or in accordance with law or such disclosure is necessary for CGV to provide services/facilities to customer.

6.3 CGV, at our best efforts, will employ appropriate technology solutions to prevent thief or unauthorized access to the information; unauthorized use, alternation or destroy of the information. However, CGV cannot undertake to prevent all infringements, authorized use of person information that beyond CGV’s controls. CGV will not be liable in any way for any claims, disputes or damages arising out of or in connection with such the infringements, unauthorized access or use.

6.4 In cases where the information server is being attacked by the hackers, resulting the loss of client’s personal information and adversely affecting the client, CGV will immediately inform the client and submit the case to the appropriate authority for investigation.

6.5 For online transactions that being processed through the website, CGV does not store the Client’s payment card information. The client’s account information, payment card information shall be protected adequately by the payment gateway partner of CGV complying with the recognized international standards.

6.6 The client is obligated to safeguard their Account ID, password and email account confidentiality. CGV will be liable for any damage, loss (if any) due to the client not complying with this privacy policy.

6.7 The Client is strictly prohibited from using tools or programs to interfere or alter CGV’s data without the authorization. In cases where CGV detects that the Client has fraudulently fake the information or spread unauthorized information, CGV shall transfer the Client’s information to the Government Authorities for investigation according to law.