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Our company is CJ CGV Viet Nam, located on 10th – 11th floor, CJ Building, 2-4-6 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Once you visit our website, it means that you have agreed with these terms. This website is entitled to change, edit, add and remove any part of Terms and Conditions at any time. The changes will come into effect as soon as they are posted on the website without any announcements in advance. If you continue to access our website after Terms and Conditions are updated, it means that you have accepted those changes.

Please check regularly for our updates.

1. Scope of application

This section applies specifically to the booking function available on this website. When using online booking function to buy ticket, you signify your agreement to all applicable terms, conditions, and notices, including but not limited to the Terms of Use. If this is not your intention and/or you disagree with any part of applicable terms and conditions, DO NOT USE this facility.

2. Conditions

You have to register an account with real information and update if there are any changes. Each visitor is responsible for their password, account and activity on the web. Furthermore, you must notify us when your account is accessed without permission. We do not accept any responsibility, whether direct or indirect, for any loss or damage caused by your non-compliance.

3. Regulations for online booking

  • - The function of booking online ticket only applies for CGV members. For details about CGV member registration, please visit: www.cgv.vn.
  • - Typically, CGV open online booking before a movie's released date, though, this depends on each movie, each cinema. If the rate you want to see is not displayed on the website at the time of booking, please check back later or contact CGV hotline number 1900 6017 for more information.
  • - The close time of buying online ticket is 30 minutes before show time or when a session is sold out. After this time you can come to the cinema to buy tickets directly.
  • - CGV is not committed to reserve your seat until you complete the payment for your order.
  • - Customers can book maximum 8 tickets (excluding children ticket) per show time.
  • - During the payment process, please read carefully the information about cinemas, movie title, screening, and number of seating before completing each steps
  • - You pay for the transaction as specified in Payment Policy posted on CGV application before receiving the booking number of that transaction. When you click on the "Payment" button to proceed, that means you confirm the booking information, and agree that the Terms and Conditions will apply to the purchase of the tickets in that transaction.
  • - You will receive a booking number confirmation via email and SMS. The booking confirmation email might go into your spam mailbox, please check it before contacting with CGV.
  • - By paying through CGV application, you accept the seat(s) that you have booked. In case of change in film programming, CGV can cancel and refund any tickets purchased via application or make a transfer to another show time as selected by you.
  • - During the registration process, you agree to receive emails from CGV. After that, if you no longer wish to receive our emails, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of every promotional email.

4. Price

  • - The price listed on CGV is final price that includes Value Added Tax (VAT). Ticket price may change depending on period and promotion of that time and it will be clearly displayed on the Payment page as your order processes
  • -  The price on the CGV application is for adult ticket. Tickets for children and the elderly are available at CGV ticket counter.
  • - Pursuant to Circular No. 12/2015 / TT-BVHTTDL from the Minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism which is effected from January 1st 2017, criteria to classify films by age are defined as follows:
    1. o P: General movie to all customers
    2. o C13: No children under 13 years old
    3. o C16: No children under 16 years old
    4. o C18: No children under 18 years old
  • - Customers please kindly bring identification card or image of identification card with clearly personal photo & date of birth to ensure following strictly upon rules.
    1. o C13: Validity student card, Insurance card, Library Pass, Passport,…
    2. o C16: Validity ID card, Student card, Passport, Library Pass,…
    3. o C18: Validity ID card, Student card, Driving license, Passport,…
  • - It is appreciated that customers verify appropriate identity with the above mentioned age censorship. CGV has the right to refuse selling tickets or stop customers entering the theatre if customers fail to follow the announced terms.

5. Transaction value and payment methods

  • - Customers can choose following payment methods on CGV application: Member Reward Points; CGV Gift Card; Ticket Voucher; ATM Card (debit / payment / prepaid cards); Credit card, debit card, international prepaid card.
  • - Except for some cases with separate notes, normally you can choose one of the payment methods when booking.
  • - CGV reserves the right to refuse to accept payment by credit card in certain circumstances as determined by CGV.
  • - To ensure payment safety, customers note:
    1. o Only make online payment on the window transferred from CGV website;
    2. o Use and preserve card (credit card, ATM card, purchase card ...) and account information / card information carefully;
    3. o Do not let others borrow or use membership cards to buy tickets at CGV. Upon detecting any unusual transaction at CGV, customer should immediately contact CGV Customer Service for timely support;
    4. o In all cases, with an international credit / debit card, please do not expose the CVV / CVC / CSC number (the security three-digit number printed on the back of the card) to secure card information;
    5. o Check your bank account regularly to make sure all transactions made by the card are in control.

6. Reward and redeem points

  • - Total spending and reward points are implemented in accordance with CGV's policies from time to time.
  • - CGV encourages customers to register membership account on CGV to easily track their transaction history, receive product updates, promotions, and enjoy benefit from loyalty program.

7. Transaction at CGV

Customers who purchase online tickets on CGV application must log into CGV membership account and follow below procedure:

  1. o Step 1: Customer chooses booking by movie or by theater
  2. o Step 2: Customer chooses seats
  3. o Step 3: Customer pays online via Credit card (Visa, MasterCard ..), ATM card, Member rewards, CGV Gift card, CGV Voucher.
  4. o Step 4: Customer receives booking number confirmation via SMS and email.
  5. o Step 5: Customer presents booking number and inform CGV membership to receive tickets at the cinema. Customers can only receive tickets at the cinema that they have booked. If the customer does not provide CGV account information and booking number, CGV can refuse to issue the tickets.

8. Change or cancel transactions at CGV

  • - CGV does not currently support the cancellation or change of paid ticketing information.
  • - CGV's Online Booking System has links with many other partners, including ONEPAY Payment Gateway, local banks and international credit organizations. The successful payment depends on your network connection, the transmission, receipt and return of the partner organizations on. GCG will only refund money in case of transaction, account Your deposit has been deducted, but our system does not recognize the booking, and you do not receive a confirmation of your booking. Then, please contact hotline 1900 6017 (from 8:00 to 22:00 all days of the week) or you can contact us at email hoidap@cgv.vn for support.
  • - After confirming information provided by customer about failed transaction, depending on each type of banking account, the refund waiting time will be different:
    1. o ATM Card (Domestic): refund within 8 working days.
    2. o VISA / MasterCard (Domestic): refund within 10 working days.
    3. o ATM card of Vietcombank: refund within 48 hours.
    * Note: The refund period does not include Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays.
  • - Before making an online payment, we recommend that you double check Title, Rating, Show time, and Cinema of the movie you want to book.

9. Coryright Brand

All intellectual ownership (registered or not),all contents and designs, graphics, softwares, images, sounds, software programing, source code and basic software are our assets. The whole contents are protected by the Vietnamese copyright law and international conventions. All copyrights are reserved.

10. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

The conditions, terms and contents on the website enforced by Vietnamese Law and Vietnamese Supreme Court will give final judgement should there be any disputes arising from the illegal access of this website.

11. Security regulations

Our application ensures the security of information and uses the best privacy solutions for payments. Personal information of customers during the process of payment is encrypted to insure safety.

You must not use any programs, tools and any methods to interfere in the system or change the data structure. This application has also prohibited propaganda or stimulation for any activities with the aim to intervene and infiltrate in the system database. Individuals or organizations who violated these regulations will be revoked of any benefits as well as prosecuted in front of the court if necessary. All transaction information will be secured and we will be forced to provide information for authorized body if requested.

12. Deal with consequences due to the input of wrong information at CGV

Customers are responsible for providing accurate and complete information when making transactions at CGV. If customers enter incorrect information Account Details page, CGV is entitled to reject the transaction.

13. Termination agreement

If damages are caused by violation of any Terms and Conditions when using our application, we might suspend or block your account forever. If any dispute arises from Terms of Use, you can stop using our service. Please make sure you understand all Terms and Conditions. If you need more information, please visit www.cgv.vn.