4DX®, a new movie-watching paradigm for the five senses bringing a unique immersive experience to moviegoers.

Experience 4DX® at CGV:

  • 4DX® - Absolute Cinema Experience

    It is time to transform the experience of watching a movie.

    Make it more intense and immersive by using all your senses.

  • 4DX® Features

    4DX® consists of two main types of effects: motion seats and atmospherics.

    Our motion chairs include three base movements including roll, pitch and heave which can be combined to create endless possibilities.

  • 4DX® Technology

    - Bubbles: Bubbles fill the auditorium creating a fantastic atmosphere.

    - Rain: Experience water effects such as mist and rain.

    - Wind: Feel a gentle breeze or a turbulent storm all in the comforts of the auditorium.

    - Scents: Smell a variety of scents from within the movie.

    - Lightening: See and feel a thunder storm with the flash of light just inches away.

  • Safety Guideline For 4DX®

    - Those under 4 years old or below 1m tall must not use 4DX® seats. Children under 7 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    - Viewers who are pregnant, elderly, or physically or mentally sensitive should not use 4DX® seats.

    - For the safety of our children viewers, baby or booster seats and sharing seats are not allowed.