Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos uses an innovative layered approach to building a soundtrack. A base layer consists largely of static ambient sounds, which are mixed using the familiar channel-based method. Layered on top of these are dynamic audio elements that can be positioned and moved precisely to correspond to the images onscreen. By employing overhead speakers as well as surrounds, Dolby Atmos can create realistic and natural sound experiences that envelop and involve audiences in the stories.

How Dolby Atmos creates the best possible level in movie sound experience:

  • - Creates clearer, more accurately positioned cinema sound; uses object-oriented mixing to layer independent sound elements over channel-based audio content
  • - Captures all the director’s intent as descriptive metadata to provide customized playback for each theatre
  • - Automatically generates optimum soundtracks for theatres with 5.1- and 7.1-channel setups
  • - Delivers a rich, realistic sound experience through support for up to 128 simultaneous and lossless audio elements in a mix
  • - Scales easily to any size theatre, with up to 64 independent speaker outputs

Feel Dolby Atmos revolutionary sound technology at CGV: