The world’s most immersive movie experience, powered by a combination of the most advanced technology, IMAX will take you from the edge of your seat to the edge of reality.

Experience IMAX® at CGV:

  • Total Immersion

    The obvious difference in an IMAX® theatre is the larger screen – it literally spans from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The screen isn’t simply bigger, it’s also shaped differently – not only wider but higher and curved, as well – which makes the image true no matter where you’re seated. The distinctive shape of an IMAX® theatre is designed to bring the audience not only closer to the screen, but better-positioned in relation to it. The result is a full panoramic view that fills your peripheral vision more than any other cinematic experience and gives you the feeling you’re part of the action.

  • IMAX DMR® Enhancement Process

    The content being shown in an IMAX® theatre is significantly better than the content playing down the hall. It hasn’t just been enlarged to fit the IMAX® screen, it’s been completely transformed. IMAX® spends hours, weeks and months on location and in the editing room with the director and technical teams of each film planning the shots, re-mixing the sound, endlessly adjusting the saturation, contrast, brightness and hundreds of details in virtually every frame in a proprietary enhancement process called Digital Re-Mastering, or IMAX DMR®.

  • Mind-Blowing Images

    Increasingly, leading filmmakers are using proprietary IMAX® cameras to shoot portions of their movies. IMAX® cameras, which are the highest-resolution cameras in the world, use 70mm film – which projects an image that features 10x more resolution than 35mm film. Exclusively in IMAX®, sequences shot with the IMAX® camera will expand to fill the entire screen, allowing moviegoers to see up to approximately 40 percent more of the image with unprecedented crispness, clarity and color saturation for a truly immersive experience.

  • The Most Realistic 3D Experience

    IMAX® 3D delivers images of unsurpassed brightness and clarity by using a set of two projectors that send two separate images (left eye and right eye) simultaneously onto a more reflective screen, proving the most realistic and in-your-face 3D experience available.

  • Earth Shattering Sounds

    IMAX®’s custom, patented surround sound system delivers the ultimate in power, 10x the dynamic range and laser precision for a truly visceral experience you can feel no matter where you’re seated. IMAX® uses a proprietary microphone system that performs daily tuning calibrations that ensure the sound you hear is always perfectly tuned.